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Learning & Demo

Training & Demos, on the other hand, are often used to showcase the features and capabilities of a software or system. They are typically shorter in duration and more focused on providing an overview of the software or system. Demos can be conducted in person, through webinars or video conferencing, or through pre-recorded videos.

Combining technical training with demos can be an effective way to teach people how to use complex software or systems. For example, technical trainers can use demos to illustrate specific features or functions of a software or system. This helps learners to see how the software or system works in real-world situations, which can be more engaging and memorable than simply reading about it in a manual.

Overall, technical training and demos can be powerful tools for helping people learn how to use complex software or systems. By combining instruction with real-world examples, learners can gain a deeper understanding of the software or system and be better prepared to use it effectively in their work.